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About us

We are a fully owned Irish company with a passion for IT Software Development in All Aspects of the Automotive Industry. Our technology is built in-house by some of the best software engineers in the business.

We operate on a Business to Business level only and have configured user friendly systems that assist the entire automotive industry by providing as much relevant information as possible, in order to allow users to confidently make informed decisions within a reliable and secure system.

Simply put, we develop smart technology to make your business more efficient and your life easier. Our system's also allow for a major improvement in Time, Quality, Risk and Cost Management.

With ample experience and expertise within the Insurance, Motor, Fleet, IT, Engineering and Financial Industries, our team of professionals take pride in building and developing software system's for the Automotive Industry.

There's always a human voice at the end of the line if you have any question regarding your business or our systems. That's how we work. We're with you all the way.

Insurance Companies

We have partnered with some of Ireland's leading Insurance Companies and have integrated our Vehicle Valuation System into their daily claims and engineering operations.

Vehicle Assessing / Engineering Companies

We have the majority of Independent Vehicle Assessing and Engineering Companies within every region of Ireland using our Vehicle Valuation System on a daily basis.

Franchise and Independent Motor Dealers

We configured our Vehicle Valuation System for motor dealers and now have hundreds of Franchise and Independent Motor Dealers throughout every single County in Ireland using our system.


Our Vehicle Valuation System has been integrated with the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) and Institute of Automotive Engineer Assessors (IAEA) exams, which is being used by all vehicle engineer assessors and approved repairers sitting exam in DIT.

Contact one of our team today to discuss what we can do to assist your business or for a free trial of any one of our many modules.

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